Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012


It is hard to keep this site rollin because life holds us pretty tight. at first one bad note. we have to cancell the show with IN THE HEARTS OF EMPERORS and at this point we wanna thank frank for his insight. maybe we see you later this year at the EMIL in zittau.

we will play a killer show at magnet club in berlin. i mean..i hope that it's gonna be a great show for everyone but we will be the support act for the almighty BARONESS and i think that this is killer enough so far. Indeed! i must say we are very pleased about this! and another new show was added to the show section. keep checking the show section to stay up to date.

at the moment we're working hard on our new songs and stuff. 5 new songs in the bank and some more to go. we are looking for a good recording studio. please let us know if you've got some good suggestions!

at the end we would like to share a little summary of reviews that made Life And Death for us. just follow THE LINK .

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